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Foil: Pack of 20 Sheets

Individually wrapped sheets of foil in a reusable pack.

20 sheets of the highest quality 100% aluminium foil for the smoking of heroin. Brown heroin is designed for smoking and not injecting. This foil is to enable drug services to encourage injectors to switch to smoking heroin as an alternative route of administration. Smoking heroin is much less damaging than injecting.

The sheets in this pack are separated by an 80g sheet of white paper to minimise creasing of the foil. The pack is sealed with a peel-able label so that one sheet at a time can be removed  without damaging or wasting sheets still contained in the pack. This pack removes the wastage that is common with other foil packs. 

Each sheet is 120mm wide and 200mm long.

Sold in individual  packs of 20 sheets.

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